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ts_kohakunoki's Journal

TSUKASA Official Blog Translations
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Translations of TSUKASA's Official Blog
Translations of TSUKASA's official blog on Ameba. In essence, this is an extension of the old D'espairsRay Ameblog Translation community but if Tsukasa took the effort to set up a new site, I thought I would go ahead and set up a new community.

IMPORTANT!! Terms I do not translate!!
These are Tsukasa-isms from our favourite Yamagata country boy that appear extremely frequently and deserve to be kept as such ^^/~

NEW!! マイフォ or Maifo
Tsukasa's shortened version of THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S (read as "the micro head phones"), also abbreviated as TMH4N'S

んだれば or ndareba
The equivalent of "じゃ" or "ja" in standard Japanese, meaning something like "well then". Tsukasa uses this as a signature for most of his posts in the same way many people end with "see ya", "later", "cheers" etc.

おはようちゃん or ohayou-chan
The equivalent of "おはようございます" or "ohayou-gozaimasu" in standard Japanese, meaning "good morning". The "-chan" suffix is one of the features of the Yamagata dialect. Tsukasa typically uses this for the first post of the day.

おつかれちゃん or otsukare-chan
The equivalent of "おつかれさま" or "otsukare-sama" in standard Japanese, meaning something like "thank you for a hard day's work". Tsukasa typically uses this for the last post of the day.

-氏 or -shi
The honorific form of the more ubiquitous "-san". Traditionally, the D'espairsRay members refer to each other as H-shi, K-shi, Z-shi and T-shi. I call it a sign of affection ^^/

よろしく or yoroshiku
Typical Japanese phrase meaning "please regard me kindly", "please take care of me" etc. with increasingly long variations as the level of formality goes up. I usually translate this into English but sometimes, it's nice to keep it in the original form. Yes, Tsukasa does use this phrase A LOT.


This is currently an open community because I believe in the beauty of our fellow MANIA.
All I ask for is basic respect ie. no re-posting translations without my permission, no trolling, no flaming. If it comes to my attention that any of this is going on, I'm going to have to restrict access.

音譜 All Tsukasa's public posts have been posted to the public but his Amembers-only posts will be locked to community members only.

NEW!! 音譜 I've recently started translating his Ameba Now as well (tagged with -now-). I watch a flow... ドクロ

Suggestions and comments are always welcome and if something isn't clear, please tell me. I love questions and comments ^^/


^ FINALLY! Someone stepped up to do our favourite bassist's blog クラッカー
yoroshiku ne~~~~

^ this community is awesome and is where i usually get my second-hand D'espairsRay news (yeah.. i'm kind of slow like that ^^;;)

^ translations of the D'espairsRay official ameblog. Maintained by awesome folks who have put in a lot of time and effort to keep up with their spam. Crazy as it sounds, I'm sure we all look forward to the day where we'll have even more spam to translate ヾ(`⌒´メ)ノ″

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