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2013-02-19 08:16:42

EU tour travel diary - Russia~Finland~Germany chapter

Good morning evry body!!


As I write this, it is now 10:40AM Helsinki time 。

It is the day after the Helsinki live 。

This time, I thought I'll write the second chapter of the travel diary。
BGM Kiteretsu Daihyakka
[T/N: BGM = background music; Kiteretsu Daihyakka is an anime series Tsukasa brought with him on this trip]

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[T/N: once again, refer to the original post to get the full sized pictures :)
PS. Sorry for being late. Again. *facepalms* If anyone has a household remedy for coughs, especially at night, please let me know... T_____T
PPS. Oh! And happy belated birthday to both Tsukasa and Hizumi!!! Wishing them yet a great year ahead!!!]
2013-02-16 15:27:33

EU tour travel diary - Russia chapter 

Ohayou-chan from Russia 。

THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S EU tour has finally started!

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[T/N: Lucky EU folks!!! I'm sure the lives were great for those of you who could make it. And also for those who couldn't, there's always next time so start saving up now!!
Meanwhile, sorry for the delay. Long story involving lots of coughs and colds and long flights >_<
PS. Sorry for the small pictures. It would have taken way more time for me to grab the larger ones so please refer to the original post if you want the original-sized pics.]
08 February 2013 @ 12:53 am
2013-02-08 09:01:03

EU tour suspension


Yesterday, we announced the suspension of the following lives of the EU tour。

February 27 Italy, Milano
March 2 UK, London
March 3 France, Paris

We were looking forward to this so much so it is a huge pity but

For the sake of those who were looking forward to it even more, let's do our very best to spark for the remaining places

For those who had to accept our apologies let's [still] bring down the house so

EU and everyone in the world !

On those days, everyone please still give your support !Yeah!

And also everyone in Japan, please continue to support us。

I'll be heading out for my solo rehearsal before the [band] rehearsal now。

01 February 2013 @ 12:51 am
2013-02-01 22:22:44

『This is the backstage♪』

YURA-sama's talkshow event 『This is the backstage♪』~other series~

3/30(Saturday)nakano-sakaue Live Cafe 以心伝心
「This is the backstage♪~drama chapter~」
OPEN 17:30 / START 18:00
Guests/Murata Kazuhiro(rice),TSUKASA(THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S),Aki(Lc5),YURA-sama

Ticket pre-sale 2,500 (drinks charged separately 2order 1000)
Ticket agency/e+(http://eplus.jp/)
Ticket sale start date 2/23(Saturday)
(event search term)「以心伝心」
03-6300-9370(opens in March)
※near the nakano-sakaue train station

A night of chatting, drinking and overcome-with-emotion fun!!

We await your arrival!
31 January 2013 @ 12:50 am
2013-01-31 11:15:16

Passport OK?

Today I made my way to the Russia embassy early in the morning 。

This passport will be my "passport" to the EU tour 。

Flipping through it, I see an almost countless collection of stamps 。

This time too, there will be more stamps added, all a token of our music activities 。

Just once, I would like to say "hey!" and privately bypass the [regular] customs procedures。
[T/N: just because he is such a regular at the customs xP]

But still, being able to travel the countries of the world for our music activities is in itself, a real blessing 。

Until the day we set off, I shall keep it warm [and close to me]。

And then there's the February 2 Maifo sending-off LIVE 。

Let's warm that up too 。

Anyway, what I'm actually worried about is English and satou-no-gohan 。
[T/N: "satou-no-gohan" is a brand of instant rice that Tsukasa usually packs in his baggage when he travels overseas]

For English, I can use body talk, or rather, gestures, to bypass it 。

For my meals, if I can have rice and miso soup every once in a while [I'll be ok]。

Yossha !

The preparations are steadily falling in place !

Speaking of which, I haven't updated this blog in a while !


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2013-01-06 21:01:03

SHUN.&TSUKASA Viju☆Love☆Night♯27 appearance information!!

We will be appearing on 1/13(Sunday)Viju☆Love☆Night♯27。


Venue:Shibuya SECO/Guests/SHUN.&TSUKASA/Kazami (DaizyStripper)/Hayato、Yuya&Val(DuelJewel)/Akemi Oshima/DJPokkun/and more

Whether you have the time or not *laugh*, please come and have some fun!!

Let's have it for this year's first DJ party !!

12 October 2012 @ 12:25 pm
2012-10-12 21:48:40


Today at the casual home center

Because the air-conditioner condensate has been leakin onto the veranda

I thought I'll get this to channel the water to the drai but、

The thickness didn't match so it's not going to work、

This hose is now useless 。

Although I originally bought it for a reason。Hm。

Does anyone want it ?

It's about 2 meters long 。

No takers?。

I wonder if it can be used for something else?


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01 October 2012 @ 12:19 pm
2012-10-01 03:18:12

Zero-kun's party

The ex band members refused to lose to the typhoon so 、
[T/N: there was a typhoon passing through Tokyo the night the D'espairsRay members met up to celebrate ZERO's birthday]

Finally!We could have Zero-shi's birthday party !!

Trying to coordinate our schedules was no small feat !!

We talked about all kinds of things and got really charged up 。

In any case it's good to know that everyone is doing well !


Increasingly, I am going to have to invest more enthusiasm into our activities 、

Not because I'm the party boy but

As a Maifo artiste

And also as the member who has amassed [all kinds of] legends

Today for Zero-shi, even though it is extremely belated,

Happy Birthday !!

I shall skip the tumeric tea 、
[T/N: tumeric tea is supposed to protect the liver against the toxic effects of alcohol]

In preparation for the meeting tomorrow

I'm going to bed as soon as possible。

Good night


dear everyone。

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27 August 2012 @ 05:29 pm
2012-08-27 15:15:46

Travel diary plus α



In short, 「Maifo's summer。」

The most amazing summer has ended !

It was just a short 3-venue one-man [tour] but

It was an enjoyable tour not short on overcome-with-emotion moments 。

I took some pictures of the final so

I thought I'll post them here。

Travel diary plus alpha !

or something like that。。

[T/N: The "plus alpha" expression refers to something extra so this is an extra special travel diary edition o(^^)o]
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01 January 2013 @ 12:00 am
2013-01-01 00:00:00

2013 Happy New Year

Greetings, for the New Year 。

In other words, Happy New Year!!

For the past year, I was indebted to all the [band] members, including the lovable Myclones, and so many other people 。

This year too, I'll be moving forward sparking-ly so

For 2013 too, by all means, please regard me kindly 。

Let's get overcome with emotion !!

If there is just one thing you can do for me, please be careful to not choke on mochi 。

Have a good new year !!



[T/N: mochi is a Japanese rice cake that is always eaten during the new year. Because it comes as a bite-sized sticky lump, it frequently gets stuck in the throat and causes people to choke if you're not careful.

PS. This year is the year of the snake, according to the Chinese calendar (thus explaining the snakes in the drawing). Because of historical reasons, the Japanese celebrate new year according to the Gregorian calendar, although technically, the Chinese New Year hasn't happened yet ^^; It does get a little confusing for many festivals with a Chinese origin, like Tanabata for example]